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Why Mitchell Bypassed Damascus

PolicyWatch #1506
Will Mitchell's Trip Bypass Damascus?
By Andrew J. Tabler
April 13, 2009
U.S. special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is scheduled to visit Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, the Persian Gulf, and North Africa this week. Conspicuously absent from his itinerary is Damascus. Despite a Syrian public relations campaign designed to exploit Washington's opening gestures with Syria as a major policy change, the exclusion of Damascus from the envoy's agenda demonstrates that the Obama administration continues to pursue cautious and critical engagement with the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Asad.
The Syrian-U.S. Expectations Gap
Following the November 2006 Iraq Study Group's recommendation to engage Syria and Iran, the Asad regime hired a British public relations firm to develop a strategy targeting the international community. In January 2007 Abdulsalam Haykal -- a businessman close to the Syrian regime -- and Syrian historian and political commentator Sami Moubayed launched Forward Magazine (Syria), a monthly English-language glossy periodical that, according to its website, looks at "the bright side of things." The magazine featured a number of articles by or interviews with Syrian ambassador to the United States Imad Moustapha that were intensely critical of U.S. Syria policy.
In the wake of U.S. speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's April 2007 visit to Damascus, a stark gap in expectations emerged between Damascus and Washington. The Asad regime demanded talks on "the horizon of issues" and a "package deal" on "comprehensive peace" that would solve some bilateral issues at the expense of others. In Washington, however, policymakers sought progress on all issues, most notably Syria's support for terrorism, efforts to undermine Lebanon's sovereignty, an investigation into the murder of former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri, and increasing evidence of extensive Syrian facilitation of foreign fighters into Iraq. Many also doubted that the Bush administration or its successor would conduct immediate high-profile engagement with Damascus, pointing to the poor track record of U.S. officials engaging Asad and Damascus's new and unexpected maximalist demands for engagement.
Moubayed was soon tapped by the regime to serve on the "U.S.-Syria Working Group" -- a "Track Two" dialogue between Syrians and Americans organized by the U.S.-based Search for Common Ground. After Syria announced in May 2008 that it was involved in indirect peace talks with Israel, Moubayed and two other Syrians visited Washington the following July to exchange views with a number of policy think tanks and former U.S. officials with the goal of narrowing the gap between the two positions.
Not only did Syria's expectations remain unrealistically high, but it was clear Damascus anticipated an early visit from the next U.S. president as well. Two days following Barack Obama's election, Moubayed penned the article "Abu Hussein's Invitation to Damascus," which outlined ten things Obama must do by inauguration for Syria to receive him "as a guest of honor in Damascus, the way it did with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton." Some of the Syrian points, including appointing a U.S. ambassador to Damascus, helping Syria deal with Iraqi refugees in Syria, and sponsoring Syria's indirect peace talks with Israel, were well known to U.S. officials. Unexpected, however, were further demands that Washington lift U.S. sanctions on Syria, recognize "that no problems can be solved in the Middle East without Syria," and "help Syria combat Islamic fundamentalism." While Moubayed later insisted his article only reflected his own views, journalists and analysts widely regarded them as reflecting those of the Syrian regime.
No Grand Gestures
Following Obama's inauguration on January 20, Syria's public relations campaign stalled. In addition to existing concerns with Damascus, U.S. officials were particularly concerned by Syria's refusal to comply with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requests for further inspections at al-Kibar -- the clandestine nuclear facility destroyed by Israel in September 2007, where IAEA inspectors found traces of uranium and graphite. So instead of the kind of grand gesture Syria wanted, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dispatched Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman on February 26 for talks with Moustapha. In the meeting, Feltman raised the issues of Syria's "support to terrorist groups and networks, acquisition of nuclear and nonconventional weaponry, interference in Lebanon, and worsening human rights situation."
Regime spokesmen immediately attacked Feltman for using the "language of the neocons." Following the meeting, however, both sides labeled the talks "constructive," leading to another round of discussions in Damascus on March 7 between Feltman and National Security Council Middle East director Daniel Shapiro and Syrian foreign minister Walid Mouallem. Following the talks, Feltman announced that both sides had found "a lot of common ground" and that instead of setting "benchmarks" for Damascus, each side was watching the future "choices" of the other.
Two days later, Asad stepped into the fray. In the ensuing twenty-three days, he gave six interviews to international media. But rather than dealing with the issues discussed during Feltman and Shapiro's visit, Asad targeted Israel, offering it only a cold peace, blaming outgoing Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert for the failure of recent indirect Syrian-Israeli negotiations, and refusing to talk about cutting ties with Hizballah, Hamas, and Tehran. In another interview, Asad implied he had been asked to mediate between Washington and Tehran. Then, in his first-ever email interview with an American journalist, Asad told the New Yorker's Sy Hersh that he not only sought U.S. mediation with Israel, he also wanted direct contact with President Obama.
In the latest installment of the campaign, Moustapha told the Washington Times editorial board on April 7 that the United States had signaled a sea change in its relations with Syria, claiming that relations with Washington are suddenly so amicable that U.S. officials said, "We will never ask you to kick [Hamas politburo leader] Khaled Meshaal out of Damascus." He also predicted that Mitchell would soon visit the Syrian capital.
Washington's Cautious and Critical Approach
Contrary to Moustapha's predictions, no such policy shift has taken place. Instead, Washington continues to utilize a step-by-step pragmatic approach to engaging Damascus. Unlike most other countries on the U.S. State Sponsors of Terrorism list, the United States and Syria have diplomatic relations and functioning embassies. Following the Feltman-Shapiro meeting, Washington is now watching Damascus's choices on the issues discussed. Thus far there has been some diplomatic motion on Lebanon and Iraq. On March 24, Syria officially appointed its first-ever ambassador to Lebanon (who has yet to be posted). Syria's foreign minister, Mouallem, visited Baghdad the following day for talks on border security and committed Syria to "whatever help is necessary" for a successful withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. Washington is now waiting for Syria to follow through on both commitments. On the ground in Damascus, Syria has allowed the reopening of the American Language Center, an English-language institute affiliated with the embassy that was closed along with the embassy's cultural center and the American school following the October 29 U.S. raid on terrorist bases near the eastern Syrian town of al-Soukkariya.
In other areas of U.S. concern, however, progress has yet to be made. Syria continues to refuse IAEA requests for further inspections or to talk about its worsening human rights situation. Finally, Damascus has yet to evince its much-trumpeted ability to rein in weapons smuggling by Hamas or to bring the group into a Palestinian unity government with Fatah.
Dilemmas Reveal Intentions
With Damascus unfortunately more interested in public relations than in addressing outstanding bilateral issues, Washington's step-by-step approach seems set to continue. In the short term, a key test to see if Syria is capable of cooperating with Washington will be Lebanon's June 7 parliamentary elections, which U.S. policymakers are watching closely to see if the poll will take place without Syrian interference or assassinations. Concerning Iraq, Washington is waiting to determine whether Syria can follow through on its promises to stop the flow of jihadi fighters across its borders.
In the long term, however, Washington's biggest challenge will be to devise a strategy that puts the Syrian regime into policy dilemmas that will reveal whether it will eventually conclude and implement a peace treaty with Israel and realign itself away from Iran. By making clear agreements with the United States and implementing them, Asad has the opportunity to rebuild trust with Washington. Only when this is accomplished will grand presidential gestures to Damascus become a viable option in Washington's competitive policy environment.
Andrew J. Tabler, cofounder and former editor-in-chief of Syria Today, is a Soref fellow at The Washington Institute.

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The Last Trump of the Last Day

To see why Muhammed said the Ad-Dajjal would come from the one-eyed Yemeini bricklayer called Laden we have to see that his son Osama bin Laden is indeed the Judas of Isalm who overturned the Table of Abraham at the House of Saud; causing their destruction in the coming split that is the causr of the fall of the House of Mecca into two camps of an irrevocable Sunnism going into the past and the progressive Shi'ism with their coming Mahdi; although where he appears will make no one happy but the true believers.

With the radical anti-sufic impulse seen in Wahhbism as Saudia Arabia's chief and most subversive export along with the toxic Qutbism of Osama bin Laden we have now come to a turning point in Islam: the leading Sufic pillar has now addressed along with his book about the End which presages the Last Judgement. In his new book "The Approach of Armageddon" our friend of the West Shaykh Muhammed Hisham Kabbani called upon those who can make a difference in stopping the Nation of the Shia as Khomeinist Iran ((as "Magog" with the backing of the Shia of Iraq or "Gog" in the Biblical sense )) in it's headlong rush to destruction against our other friend pf the West: the nation of the regathered and prophetic Israel; which now stands as a wall and bulwark of Jihad drunken Islam.

It is of little help in seeking the help of president Ahmadinejad of Iran; he is obviously seeking to keep his position by feeding the fires of hatred and vengeance as the demagogue he is; yet it is this one name which casts the greatest light on what his role is in fulfilling the prophecy of Armageddon in all it's self-fulfilled glory: as that of it's architecht: the "Misha Ad-Dajjal"; the Judas of Islam we know of as the Antichrist of the Bible: Osama bin Laden; particularly in his use of the Qur'an against the Western Nations; which are all christian nations culturally; if not politically.

In my book "The Revelation of Salvation" I make one statement I heard from the Assenly in one of it's visions where Khidr Rumi spoke about the Ad-Dajjal; Osama bin Laden: that he who hath "lived by the Sword of Allah shall die by the Sword of Allah"

This "divine fatwa" came from the Assembly of the Elect; which Khabbani also mentions when discussing his master; the Naqshbandi Shaykh Muhammed Nazim 'Adil al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani an-Naqshbandi; as that Assembly that the Elect guide the collective Destiny of Mankind to accomplish the Will of God.

I joined the Ranks because I was one who they received when I realized the "Work of the Sun" seen at Fatimah in 1917 by which the "dust of the earth" was awakened as the "Work" of the Sufis under the direction of the mysterious Shams a Tabriz"; for the "whirling sun" of Fatimah when it came down upon the 3 Children of Maryam al Kubra is nothing else but the descent of the "Sun of Righteousness" from projection of the Blessed Khidr Rumi; the "whirling dervishes" as their "work" externally manifested on earth; seen at the Virgin of Islam; witnessed as Fatimah az Zahra; the Lady of Light whose shrine at Fatimah in Portugal was secretly set up by the Andulusian and his disciples for the Work which was to come.

Here is the ground upon which Khabbani and I met; as we met before; unbeknownst to him at the time though it was.

In seeing the Design of the Naqsbandi the "pet Sufi" of George Bush has proved to be the archetypal "Voice of Divine Reason" that is so lacking in the discourse which seperates the wheat from the chaff in this 7th of the 7 last days of Noah; this being the Final Trumpet; which I also write of.

The manifestation of Light which the Sufis see in the balancing of the Proof of Allah is as God's response to the Wahhabi Champion of Intolerance and Ignorace that embodies Osama bin Laden's Outbist vision of a regressive Salafism bringing mankind back to a new dark ages.

As at Fatimah as the Sun of Mary descended we hear the Hadith of Muhammed:

" Mahdi but "the Son of Mary";

but as that least in the Kingdom the Elect call the Candle of God I was for that reason chosen of my Generation to be given "the Vision"; at the "Barque" of the Sufis seen at Fatimah in 1917 was something unheard of: the Blessing of Christ that cames through the Baraka of Muhammed; Maryam al Kubra as Fatimah az Zahra or the Virgin of Light bringing forth the Mahdi with the Holy Spirit in His Name just as Mary did at Bethlehem with Jesus.

That this happend with Fatimah happens due to the murder of her husband Ali by the current holders of the House of Mecca; thus does Allah "speedily Avenge" his Prophet's Daughter; as Fatimah in Portugal has more than a passing coincidence in being where the children came forth as "the signs and the wonders" written long ago of by Isaiah.

"No Messiah but "...the Son of Mary..." ( hadith of Muhammed )

Khabbani writes in that Prescence of his Master as in the revealing of the Unity as the Fruit of the Tree of Life which is only known to those who enter the eternal realm of the Kingdom: his influence from the 4th Order of the Sufis is Immense; reminisceint of Sayed Idries Shah.

Thus in dealing with Osama bin Laden as the Antichrst that Islam knows as the Misah Ad-Dajjal we have the controversy comes from conflict; and conflict can only be resolved when the actual causes are laid bare: for where the Shia and the Sunni have irrevocably split Islam we have the shifting balance of power going from the conservative Oil Rich Arabia to extremist Atomic Weapon Iran: and the rise of the Shiite Messiah that is the National Cult of Iran: Ali-ism; or Ismailism. It is this that has been momentarily stopped in Iraq and Iran from fulfilling their roles as "Gog and Magog" from Khabbani's description in the Light: but Israel will not hold it's breath forever: thus Armageddon looms large on the horizon.

At the heart of all this is Palestine; so in the interests of further open dialogue with the Sufis of the Assembly of the Design I offer the following condensation of some of my book in the section on the final dimension that exists in the Heart of Abraham as the Heart of God; which is Paradise itself; nor is there any other. But before Palestine we have to resolve how Islam was given the Kingdom and the Jews thrust out: right to the Waling Wall; where there is nought but "weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The "Solution" to the age-old problem between Muhammedism and Christianity lays at the Submission of Islam and the Altar of Issac hid beneath the Sacrifice of the Lamb. For in his Death the Jesus the Lamb said the Kingdom would; to wit;

".. be given to "A Nation bringing forth the Fruits of it..."

...: and this Nation was Islam :........

As one of the children of the Resurrection it is I who can speak of these things in the historical context of the "gatherings" coming from the 4 corners of the earth to the Table of Abraham as I do in my book; for the Sufis came to me for My Generation just as the Magi came to Jesus for the Jews in his Generation. That was actually the reason bands like "the Who/ Hu" channeled the sufic impulse seen in their album "Tommy" from the guided influence of the winetaster of sufism Meher Baba.

That there are quite a few areas which have been unknown to the followers of the 3 monotheistic religions has more to do with the ignorance of all three about the nature of the Qur'an itself: the Curse of God "set in stone" by Moses which fell upon Israel when it lost the status of the Chosen nation of God; and it is this Curse which is mentioned by Malachi in the last sentence, of the last book, of the last prophet of Israel before John arrived. Malachi strictly warned Israel to look at the statutues of Mt. Horeb and remember that Curse Moses said would fall upon Israel if they disappointed God and did not heed Elijah the messenger who God would send first.

The Curse upon Israel was then that Ishmael became the new father of Israel; as they had killed Jesus in the position of Issac; thus the Qur'an was the Blessing of God upon Muhammed as Ishmael; which came to him from Jesus as that murdered one upon the Cross.

It is this Curse which fell upon Jacob so that he lost the title of "Israel" as the Champion of God. At that point the seed of Ishmael became like "the stars"; and the seed of Issac reverted to "the dust of the earth", which had been the seed of Ishmael's former position; this became now reversed.

Abrahm thus became exalted over his later incarnation: Abraham. This meant that Hagar was going to be exalted over Sarai; and sure enough: Mecca becomes established over Jerusalem. Israel lost the Temple Mount because it is Mt. Moriah where the slain and ascended Issac we know as the Bridegroom Jesus when he gave his blessing and his position to his elder brother: Ishmael; who as Muhammed ascended over Jerusalem in his Night of Power.

The Unicorn as the Vehicle of Salvation

Thus it was now Ishmael who is bound to the Altar in place of Issac; and it is the elder brother who was given his land in the form of the Bride; for in the Law if a brother died it was his brother who then had to take on the duties of husband to the wife and now widow of his dead brother. That Jesus was Issac as Muhammed was Ishmael is not known: but it is the reason Muhammed dug a grave for his brither behind him at Medina; and it was the Sun of Faith; the Teacher of Jesus; who informed me of the fact; the Right Hand of God Himself.

And that was Muhammed in relation to Jesus and the Kingdom; as soon as he cleansed the Courtyard of the idols and restored the poisition of the elder brother as Loyal in the Cain position; replacing also the slain messenger John who was in the position of Abel when he died; as Jesus was in the position of Adam. John's own failure lay in the fact that he reached the spirit but not the power of Elijah: for Elijah did miracles; and John did none.

For the elders and rulers of Jerusalem in Judah in Jesus's day the Trial that God set them was whether they would see in Jesus the bridegroom: Issac; and thus to listen to John the Baptist's voice as Abraham did to the Voice of the Angel in sparing Issac.

Thus the "Test of Faith" for those who were in the position of Abraham as having the power of "life and death" over the Lamb's life thus put them into the position in God's eyes in either sparing the Lamb as Abraham did for Issac at the Altar when he LISTENED to the voice of the Angel; or IGNORING John the Baptist's Voice who was in this same position in testifying to the Messiah: and thus "killing" their own global "Issac"; mistaking him for a sacrificial lamb at their Passover as one representing the Ram or "Substitute of Sacrifice" instead of one representing in truth Issac or the "Son of Mercy".

This is what Muhammed healed in his ascension over Zion; Mt. Moriah. He was given the land of the Kingdom the Jews killed the Heir to have: and which they lost until 1947; 30 years or a month after 1917; Fatimah. Here we return to it yet once again; always the Widow until she Triumphs: and the Veil falls forever: Eve restored; naked and unashamed. Islam must submit to the Will as it is revealed: and the Hidden One of Fatimah who is the Imam revealed: the Lion of God. It is he who is "Lord of lords; King of kings".

Thus was the "Blessed Olive Tree" Jesus of Nazareth who Muhammed spoke of in the "Verse of Light" which contains the Essence or Baraka of Sufism; for Jesus of Nazareth is this Blessed Olive Tree Muhammed spoke of: as the Guide who brought Gabriel to him.

Muhammed became the next "Heir of Abraham" for he who was slain standing as Issac the Bridegroom; unseen by those who ignored John and killed Jesus.

What was this curse that fell upon Israel that stopped them from being God's chosen Nation and then went back to the elder line of Ishmael as the New Israel? It was the one promised by Moses to fall upon Israel if they did not "listen to the voice" of the one Moses said God would raise up later "like unto myself" in the Last Days; and for Israel the "Last Days" facing them and their City were that of the events which came about at the advent of Lord Jesus and John his messenger.

Thus what Israel was facing when John and Jesus arrived was a Test of Faith; a trial by fire; to separate the "quick" in their "recognition" from the "dead" in their "unrecognition". Let us examine this battlefield more closely; littered with the debris of the standards and history of God's Providence hid underneath the claims to God's Will all three have trumpeted over the centuries.

To end the conflict between the supposedly spiritual east and the apparently materialistic west with the unrepentant middle ground of Judaism we need to find the hidden ground between the two religious spheres and their relationship to that of the first: that of Moses and the Law and the Jews who came out of Egypt to the Promised Land God gave to Abraham and his heirs. In their origin in Abraham Islam has always claimed that it brought nothing new to the earth but the original religion of Abraham; but Ishmael came from Abrahm; not Abraham; thus the iconoclastic nature of Islam has more to do with the idol-maker who was Abrahm's own father; only then he was not called Abraham: he was called "Abrahm".

Yet to see Muhammed we have to see the son of Terrah the idol-maker; and a son breaking away from his father the idolater cultivator.

Interestingly it is in this vein that one must approach the secret of Muhammed; and in this article the Day has become sufficiently visible to unveil this secret as the beginning of the healing of the nations; which originates in the leaves of the Tree of Life that currently reside in the pages of the Book of Life; for the names written in the Book's pages are the fruits from the Tree's leaves.

In breaking away from the idol-strewn Courtyard of the Kaa'ba after he cut down the 360 idols ( for the 12 desert tribes followed the lunar calender, not the solar one ) which stood there it is Muhammed in his singleminded following of God that shows us why Islam has a complete rejection of the idolization of Jesus by the Christians and Moses by the Jews; but this discloses another facet which few have noticed: the story in the Qur'an where Iblis would not worship Adam. The figure of Iblis thus did not obey the Will of God; claiming that he would not break the first commandment to worship nothing but God. But he disobeyed this direct order by claiming the Love of God as his higher reason or Cause by which he exalted the end in God's first command to worship "nothing but Him".

This was the reason that Iblis did not worship Adam: but it is also the reason that Muhammed would not worship Jesus; even if God had told him told him to; but this was because as the Messenger he stood in relation to the Messiah that John had stood to Jesus; his own Voice; as Aaron was to Moses, and John Baptist was to have been to Jesus Christ; the "voice" crying in the wilderness given to speak for the Word made flesh.

The Sufis are well aware of this; but what mankind has not been aware of is this: the host of the "high ones on high" of the angels that get judged at the end are they who suffered exile and disgrace in being cast out of their positions as that third of the host which would not worship the Image of God are they which are that host who actively sustain that Name of God that is "JEALOUS": it is them; and they pursue all who claim relationship with God in any form; for they claim a Love by which lucifer thought he could "ascend on the mountains of the North" even above the Throne of God; thus in claiming higher principles than God; or at least in obeying higher principles than the other more simple angels.

But of course this claim was false; for Iblis did not disobey God from any real love; what we are seeing is a being trying to exalt himself above God Himself.

This will; of course, involve whoever reads these words in the fate of the angels who rebelled; for now one will know of them; and not just have them know of us in ignorance of their actual form in the heavens: they who are jealous of Adam in his relationship as the Son of God to God; which the Archangel of God found was greater than God's love for him. In these two almost Identical Stars we see the nature of the Conflict between the first two sons of God; that which we see later between Cain and Abel; for the star which appears as the Sun is thus the Son which is closer to God than the Star; which is another Sun at a further distance from God's Heart; or rather in it; the Son being closer to the Center of God's Heart as the Center of His Affection than the Archangel; who was farther from the Center; being the Servant; a Star; not the Son: the position of the Day itself; which is why the Archangel is the Day-Star.

Of course; I do have the Ear by which the Voice of God or "Gabriel" is heard; and few will like to hear this; of course. I have become too much of a threat to the nations. Yet "Ishmael" means: "God Hears".

Thus the angels who followed Iblis at the Fall are the origin of racism: of that where the angels thought man should serve them permanently; and not have angels serve man. This is what is hidden in the Qur'an; the ancient controversy between the angels and man: and then Islam and Christ.

The host one hears in the Qur'an is the voice of the host of the high ones "on high"; for in killing Jesus these rebel angels had the final justification for not worshipping Adam at the beginning: for God sent His Son and men killed him like a beast. Thus they claimed in sight of the other obedient angels that men were inherently inferior to angels, and thus Adam was not worthy to be worshipped: what had really happened is that they were the "Elect" who had "seen through" this "test" of God which he had placed before them: thus this host now informed the other angels that God had "tempted" them by first giving them the commandment to worship no one than Him: and then later commanding them to worship Adam; which contradicted the first commandment.

Their apparent "triumph" was that God had made a mistake in making man at all; because now they were the Face that Israel would see: blind and pitiless; for God had now turned away His face from them. This is what happens in the Qur'an: the broken sentences of a broken-hearted God; the Host which now speaks for him says this by the Voice of God in the pages of the Qur'an:

"God forbid that He should have a Son!"

This is what Muhammed wrote: but it is not all that he heard: for what Gabriel said after every one of these statements was what God would not let anyone hear: which was the nature of the Curse that fell on Jacob in losing the title of Israel as God's elect: for eternity. What Muhammed heard but did not write were these words that he "sealed up" in his own book: the Eternal Qur'an.

"That men would have treated him the way my trusted servants did!"

Here the reader may notice that once again we have a seeming problem between that seen in the "first" Qur'an heard by men and the "second" Qur'an heard only by Muhammed; just as we had the problem seen with the angels at the the "first" commandment God gave them and the "second" commandment He gave them; just as with the Archangel who was created first; and then Adam; and then the later problem with Cain and Abel: and then Ishmael and Issac: even unto the present day. So now the cause is laid bare. But all who do not see what the real source of the Blessing that came to Muhammed in it's origin and the reason for it will never attain to the ranks of the Elect.

The Ship of the Sufis: the Barque of SalvationOnce again it must be revealed that for the elders to have betrayed God's will by killing Jesus out of envy just so that might live out their old ages with ease and plenty instead of having to follow the Messiah in very trying circumstances; and certainly in a contest of taking Rome from the inside; just as Joseph did in Egypt and Daniel did in Babylon: the keepers of the vineyard decided to keep it for themselves: which is why Lord Jesus gave the land away to another nation: the one where one would stand loyal in the position of the elder brother: the Cain position.

This is what Muhammed did; for the failure of the elders came about due to one who was disloyal in the Abel position: John the Baptist; because he denied he was Elijah. Thus people did not know who to believe; for Jesus said John was Elijah; and John denied the fact. That meant one of them was a liar; or that one of them was deluded: not an easy situation for people who did not spend much time convening with angels. That this has all been unknown can be seen in other places; but it is now a part of the uncovering of all that has been hidden; as Lord Jesus said it would be. That this is being discussed is because a certain preparation is being made with mankind before it receives it's final Warning before the Last Judgement: for God is not going to let any have the grounds to say "I didn't know these things" and so have a cloak for their sin of ignorance.

For those who do not understand the Judgement which comes at the End that Muhammed spoke of they will never live past the Tribulation that precedes the Last Judgement; for have no doubt; the fact that what is being disclosed here on these pages is even being revealed has more to it than what meets the eye; for the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the Night. Who endures to the end will find they need the patience of the Archetypal Saint: Job; the Witness of the Last Day. And Muhammed was the Other: having the Blessing of Jesus that came to him as seen in the Verse of Light: from the Blessed Olive Tree Jesus of Nazareth.

This is obviously known to the naqsbandi of Islam in their war against the Antichrist Muhammad spoke of when describing Osama bin Laden over a thousand years ago: and they know it; they see the angel of death in all those who think they fly to Paradise when they have been tricked into Hell. Let us embrace all who come through the Door that the 3 children as the One "Hidden One" whp represents the Door of the Ark" who is the "Iman"; indeed he is "the Door"; for the Pearl of Great Price is the One from which the Gate of Heaven is Opened for those written in the Glorious Book of the Lamb of Fatima: the Lion of God.

For the Lamp of Allah is the Creation of God; and as the Light of the heavens and the earth it is Allah who is the Book in which everything in the creation is inscribed: or it would not exist; because for something to exist it must be written; and this is Allah: the Day in which God created the heavens and the earth. That Christ was this Light incarnate means little to those he left on earth when he ascended; but for those who knew this not Jesus appears as no more than a prophet; and one of many.

Yet in the Qur'an it is also said that Jesus is the Word of God. It is this which makes the Denial of God that He has had a Son seem so troubling: but none have known that the Curse was in those tears that God never let anyone see when He turned His face from the Cross so that Jesus could not see His Tears; and none have know this: but the one in whose hands fell those 7 vials of Wrath where they were collected when the Eagle gave them to St. Francis. But let us look closer at the Islam of Christ: the Rod of Iron.

Few know that it is Islam to whom the land of the kingdom was given for killing the Heir; and thus the "nation bringing forth the fruits" of the Kingdom Jesus said would be given what Israel lost would thus become the new Israel: thus Muhammed ascending over Jerusalem and Mt. Moriah which men call Mt. Zion meant Hagar over Sarah; now desolate; as the desert tribes now faced Mecca instead of Jeruslaem and made their yearly pilgrimage there. This as Jesus was "Issac" it was Muhammed being loyal in the Cain or older brother position that became "Ishamel".

And Jesus as the dead brother gave the kingdom to his "older brother": Muhammed.That is why Muhammed made a grave for him at Medina: for Issac was Ishmael's brother; just as Muhammed was Jesus's.

That Muhammed had 12 wives but no male heir happened for one specific reason by Allah; it was to make sure that he did not produce an heir who would have made Islam dynastic intead of prophetic; and it is to the extent that Islam did become dynastic that it subsequently lost it's prophetic immediacy; the Sunni chosing to "stop time" at about the third century after Muhammed; and the Shi'a then seeing it was the coming of the Islamic Messiah which would break the Sunni hold on Mecca: and the continuing Providence of God; which God did at the Sun of Fatimah; when the Baraka of Muhammed from the Blessed Olive Tree we call Jesus of Nazareth fell upon the 3 children of Maryam-al-Kubra; the Greater Mary.

But if we see that these 3 children represent "One Child" we have the "Hidden One" that the Bah'ai call the "Bab" or "Gate"; the terminology being that of "Babylon" which means "gate of the gods". But this Child is the Door himself. The Gate of Heaven is the Pearl of Great Price itself; and only the People of Salvation the true Sufis could have brought it to be revealed for the Peacemakers who are the children of the Most High.

God gave Fatimah the Mahdi in place of her murdered husband Ali just as He gave Mary a Son when she was espoused to Joseph. Some at Fatimah, Portugal, in 1917 even saw these figures above the earth: the children had the Vision when God righted what had been wronged at the Miscarriage of Justice that resulted in the death of Ali and his child with Fatimah; the daughter of Muhammed was thus avenged by God Himself. Thus do I now reveal the heir of Muhammed; the Son of Mary; the Islamic Christ; the Iron Rod. But none knew what was to happen because none saw the Children who were themselves the Signs and the Wonders at the Providence of the start in the 3rd course of the restoration into Canaan on the Global level. For this was written in the Book of Fatimah; and it came to pass; as Muhammed knew it would.

The "people of the Book" is what Muhammed calls the people of Faith in the Qur'an; but what was this "book"? It was the Book of Moses and the testimony of the Prophets. And where St. Paul of Damascus and Muhammed of Medina agree is where the Truth stands: let they of the earth who then profess to love the truth see if they can live with it as well; if they are not hypocrites. As now when the West tries to circumvent the shifting sands of the Saudia Arabian hold on the House of Mecca it might behoove we who care about the future of America and Israel to acquire some perspective that might advance our understanding in confronting the basis on which we are being judged by radical Islam and the west's blind reaction to it.

Those in the West who have never even opened a Qu'ran or even studied the culture which produced the Taliban and other regressive movements in the tribal patchwork which makes up the fabric of what is now a torn garment of the body politic in the theocratic and autocratic rulership of Sunni and Shia belief systems should perhaps take a look at some writer's whose prophetic understanding might cast some light on our friend; Osama bin Laden; the Global Terrorist: here revealed by St. Paul of Damascus. If one reads Thessalonians II 2: 3-4 one will get what I call a "shock" of recognition. Here is the quote in full after St. Paul discusses the Day of Christ to come;

"Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will
not come unless the falling away comes first, and the
man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who
opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God
or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God in the
House of God, showing himself that he is God."

While some might be amused by such recondite blasphemy it certainly seems that Osama bin Laden has judged the West and, apparently with Allah's help, has carried out his judgment on the "great Satan" of the corrupt West as if he were, indeed; "God".

By sitting on the throne of Mecca spiritually it is Osama who has done more than just begun World War III; he has made sure that it will be the last War; the Holy War; the showdown between what radical Islam calls "the people of God" and the fallen West. While some might smile at such antics with the power the west possesses in it's arsenal we might look again at the prophetic core of belief that is driving the forces intent on their coming Armageddon.

Can it be avoided? My answer is yes; we can bring about an "internal Jihad" which Muhammed always said was the true struggle as opposed to the frankly profane "external Jihad"; as can be seen in one of his most famous sayings, to wit;

"The ink of the learned is holier than the blood of the martyr".

This points out the actual dimension of what the true holy war really is; against the old ego; the "old serpent" itself, the enemy within; the real one. The heaviest authority of the one-eyed or "evil one" Muhammed saw in his vision of the Ad-Dajjal that Gabriel showed him is in this hadith where Muhammed described the one characteristic by which the "Ad-Dajjal" would be known: he would offer men "Jannat" or "Heaven"; but really deliver them into "Jahannah/ "Gehenna: the dung heap".

This sounds very much like Osama bin Laden's offers of virgins to those who die for him as the payment of the holy warrior as of the 7th heaven. But the hadith or "saying" of Muhammed further states that the Ad-Dajjal or Antichrist will try to put his enemies in the camp of "Satan" or even "Satan the Devil" as of "Jahannah": but they are actually the "peacemakers" that Lord Jesus said would be called "the children of the Most High". It is these who Muhammed said would be called "his people: the People of Salvation". Thus they are all; Jew. Christian or Muslim who die for peace: but they will not kill for it.

It is those who are the meek of the earth who will die for peace yet not kill for: the diametric opposite of those who kill for peace but will not peacably die defending it: they in reality want to destroy peace itself: forever; to provide the eternal conflict which is the nature of hell on earth: the kingdom of the Antichrist. This is how the sheep will win; as their Shepherd of the Sheep the Lamb won before.

The Sufis have said it:

.....He who lives by the Sword of Allah shall perish with it...."

It is they who know that Osama the son of perdition shall be killed: and with what; the sword named after he whose daughter Benazir died for it: the Zulfiqar; which we in the West call by another name; from another time; and yet our Day: and that sword is called: Excalibur.