Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Head to Head in Damascus

A recent innovation in blog world is the diavlog, and its happening at Bloggingheads. Using but a simple webcam, bloggers are going head to head in cyberspace on current affairs issues. I was introduced to Bloggingheads by Eric Umansky, an American journalist currently studying Arabic in Damascus. We carried out this interview before Eric arrived in Damascus (Eric from the US, me from Syria).

It works something like this: Eric and I pointed our webcam at our own faces and started recording using video and sound. We used Skype to talk. Later we each uploaded the 100-odd MB file to bloggingheads ftp site (that was a challenge from Damascus!). The bloggingheads guys sync the two files, and voila - we had a blog interview. Uninterrupted, unedited. And very fun.

Thanks to Eric for the invitation.

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